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Welcome to Sarawak!

Posted by James on September - 27 - 2011

Hi! Welcome to Sarawak! We’re here to show you all the sights, places, attractions and food of Kuching and how you can best plan your itineraries during your stay here. Whether it’s a one-day pit-stop or one-week sojourn or even more, we’ve pre-packaged them in the itinerary planner,  so you need only to choose which  [ Read More ]

Kolo mee – The most popular street food of Kuching

Posted by James on November - 9 - 2012

This is by far the most popular street food of Kuching, in fact if ever there was a title for the signature dish of Kuching, this humble local pasta wins hands down, though many would also argue the honour belongs to the other iconic dish:  Laksa Sarawak. But there is a reason why the title  [ Read More ]

Top 10 Most Popular “Food Places” of Kuching

Posted by James on November - 8 - 2012

Kuching is a very spread-out city and naturally this means that there are many places where one can choose when it comes to eating out.  However there are some areas where many eateries cluster together to form an all-in eating place, that makes the choices of a bewildering arrays of food a little easier.  It  [ Read More ]

Kek Lapis Sarawak – A kaleidescope of Sarawak’s cake

Posted by James on October - 5 - 2012

If you are a cake lover, you will definitely notice, when you walk along the five-foot-way of the Main Bazaar of Kuching, that there are many colourful multi-layer cake packed in rectangle see-through plastic packing on sale by many vendors there. What’s so special about these cakes that make them such a hot sellers among  [ Read More ]

Orchid Garden

Posted by James on May - 16 - 2012

  This is a must-visit for flower lovers especially those entralled with orchids.  This Orchid garden is situated across the Sarawak River on the other side of the Kuching Waterfront. Take the small boat called “water taxi” at the landing facing the imposing State Legislative building, disembark at the jetty and walk for about 200  [ Read More ]

Kuching’s old quarter is a very compact area and a walker’s/sightseer’s paradise. However, a basic knowledge of this city’s history is necessary to enjoy the trail to the fullest. Sarawak in the 1830s was  under the suzerainty of the Sultanate of Brunei, and was in a state of anarchy with the natives in rebellion against  [ Read More ]

Sarawak Cultural Village – Showcasing Sarawak

Posted by James on May - 7 - 2012

This tourist icon of Sarawak is a collection of traditional abodes of 7 major distinct ethnic groups of Sarawak, namely the Bidayuh, Iban, Penan, Orang Ulu (a grouping of several closely related tribes), Melanau, Malay and the Chinese. Each ethnic group has its own unique house set with the magnificent Mount Santubong as the backdrop.  [ Read More ]

Top ten must-do’s while in Sarawak

Posted by James on April - 22 - 2012

  1.Semenggoh Wildlife  Centre Visit this centre and understand why this lovable primate is such a big hit.                     2. Bako National Park Jewel in the crown of Sarawak’s tourism, showcasing its myriad wildlife, stunning landscape and fascinating vegetation.                [ Read More ]

Satok weekend market

Posted by James on April - 21 - 2012

  Located along Jalan Satok, this famous weekend market opens around noon time on Saturday and continues until late Sunday afternoon. As of writing, this market is about to be moved to a new ultra modern, purpose-built building across the Satok bridge.  A popular bargain hunting ground for local when it comes to food, vegetable,  [ Read More ]

Gone froggin’

Posted by James on February - 29 - 2012

Nature lovers will find the Kubah National Park a paradise for frog hunting. For among its foliage, no less than two dozen different species of these amphibians lurk and croak – at night.  A visit to see these wonderful animal would mean wearing headlight and spraying your exposed skin with mosquito repellent, and a good  [ Read More ]

Fairy Caves

Posted by James on November - 14 - 2011

Located about an hour’s drive from Kuching city centre, this cave is getting more and more popular in recent years.  Visitors who make the trip to the Serikin weekend market near the Indonesian border must pass through the road junction going to this cave, which is only a short detour. The hills of this area  [ Read More ]

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Welcome to Sarawak!

Hi! Welcome to Sarawak! We're here to show you all ...

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  This is a must-visit for flower lovers especially those entralled ...

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